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Hearing Impaired Unit

Welcome to the Deaf & Hearing Impaired Unit

Key Stage 2

(Y3, Y4, Y5, And Y6)

Content for the term beginning September 2017 is on its way…

Welcome to the Deaf & Hearing Impaired Unit  

Key Stage 2


(Y3, Y4, Y5, And Y6)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their continued support throughout this year. We greatly appreciate your involvement in school life and this has a positive effect on your children’s development both socially and educationally. 


Sadly, all great things must come to an end and at the end of this term we say a very fond farewell to Mrs Kime and Mrs Blackwell. Both are moving on to pastures new within the Hearing Impaired Service.  


Mrs Kime and Mrs Blackwell have both worked tirelessly at Lower Meadow school since it opened in 2003. They have successfully taught many children over the years, positively fostering their confidence and abilities, enabling the children to reach their full potential. I am sure that many of you will have fond memories as will your children. 

We all wish them well in their new endeavours and know they will achieve success for other children within the service as they have at Lower Meadow. They have been an asset to our team and will be greatly missed by all staff and children. Be assured that the children will continue to be taught and supported by our dedicated team.

Have a great Summer holiday and we will see the children again in September.  
















Our Y6 end of year performance this year will be:



‘Aladdin Trouble.’ 





This is loosely based on the ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ story.

The performance times are:


Monday 4th July Dress Rehearsal

Tuesday 5th July at 2.15pm

Wednesday 6th July at 2.15pm








In literacy, we have been looking at the story of Aladdin. We have watched clips and sequenced the story. We have written descriptions of the different characters using a range of adjectives.


We have also been working on verbs, looking at  ‘who is doing what?’ Taking photographs of different people doing various activities , then writing sentences for that person.







Years 3 & 4 have been on a visit to ‘Ferndale Garden Centre’ in Dronfield. The children planted carrot seeds, onion bulbs and viola plants. We were also given Primulas to plant in our garden at school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Ferndale for their knowledge, hospitality and generosity towards both staff and children. We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The practical hands on experience the children encountered ensured their learning was fun as well  as informative.

Thank you Ferndale for giving our children a real, meaningful and fun experience.

Below are a few websites, here you can find fun maths games and activities for the children to play.

  • Activity Village(Y1 and Y2)During our work on verbs, we have been learning what a verb is and taking photographs of one another ‘being busy.’  We are dusting. In maths, we are measuring different lengths. We are learning number bonds and working on tens and units.A quick and easy game for learning number bonds.Cut out 11 square pieces of paper. On each piece write a number 0-10. 3 & 7 = 10    Give me 4   2 + 2 = 4     Our artworkOur Display, ‘ Whatever Next?’My Aladdin writingOur mind map of adjectivesMy Aladdin writingOur PicturesPeople of the Maasai tribeOur phonics workOur Display on ‘Little Red Riding HoodGrowing our own beanscm snakesThe Journey Home from Grandpa’sOur sail boatsOur strawberry plantsHouse with battery powered electricitySheffield SteelSheffield SteelJack and the Flum Flum TreeMount Vesuvius beyond PompeiiStreet in pompeiiMade in Sheffield Display WorkOur ModelsThe Selfish CrocodilePictures in the style of LS LowryOur roomsOur rooms
  • Our rooms
  • Our rooms
  • Data Handling
  • We are making a cheetah and a monkey from boxes Th
  • Our Book corner
  • Mount Vesuvius over-looking Pompeii
  • Market place in Pompeii
  • Key Stage One Beans
  • The Enormous Crocodile
  • Sheffield Steel
  • Made in Sheffield
  • We made houses with electricity
  • Our Tufty Heads
  • Flum Flum Tree display
  • Goldilocks and the Three bears
  • Our playdough snakes
  • (145KB) Jack & the Beanstalk Jack & the Beanstalk
  • pictograms
  • People of the Maasai tribe
  • Senses
  • Our firework pictures
  • My Aladdin writing
  • My Aladdin booklet
  • KS2 Unit Our Aladdin Work
  • Reach For the Stars
  • KS1 Artwork & Display
  • Give me 7   3 + 4 = 7
  • You can  also learn all the number stories up to 10 like this
  • 10 & 0 = 10
  • 1 & 9 = 10
  • Mix the numbers up and group together in twos. (You can also play with playing cards.) 
  • E.g What are we doing ?
  • We have looked at the verbs to dust, clean, and wash.
  • In literacy we are reading stories and looking at verbs. We have been reading the stories ‘Whatever Next?’ and ‘Man On The Moon.’
  • Key Stage 1



Below are a few websites, here you can find fun maths games and activities for the children to play.