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Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage!

The Foundation Stage Staff

Foundation Stage leader – Mrs Bamford
F1 Staff-  Mrs Sharkey,  Mrs Kaczmarczyk, Mrs Woodward  and Mrs Hardy.
F2 staff- Mrs Ellis, Mrs Hadfield, Miss Baker, Miss Billam and Mrs Seedhouse.
Mrs Jackson works with the Deaf and Hearing Impaired children in the Foundation Stage.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum

Each half term, we focus on a different theme.
This half term, our topic is, ‘Myself’


In Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our focus is ‘ Being me in my world.’ We will be talking about what to do in the classroom and what makes us special. We will be discussing feeling   happy and sad.


In Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be looking at the stories– What I Like About   Myself, Owl Babies, and Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. We will also be looking at the   information book– My Body. We will be learning our sounds during Read, Write Inc.Lessons and we will be learning how to write our name.


This half term we will be learning:

– count to 10 and beyond,

– to count up to 10 and then 20 objects accurately,

– to recognise numbers to 10 and beyond,

– to use the language of size,

– to name and describe 2D shapes.


In  Understanding of the World,

We will be looking at similarities and differences   between ourselves and others. We will be naming our body parts and using our senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.


In Physical Development,

We will be using large apparatus to develop our jumping and balancing skills . We will also be developing   our co-ordination and   creativity during dance     sessions.


In Expressive Arts and Design,

We will be making, painting and creating lots of different art related to our topic. We will be developing our painting and cutting skills in a     variety of ways.


How you can help your child:
– Try to listen to your child read their school reading book every day and write a comment in your child’s yellow reading record when you have heard them read.

– Practise reading and spelling your child’s balloon and kite words.

Help your child to practise their phonic sounds.    

– Help your child to practise writing their name correctly. If they can write their first name try helping them to write their surname too.

Please send a P.E. kit (white t shirt and black shorts) to school with your child. Please keep P.E. kits in school every day in case we need them and make sure that all items of clothing are named.

Do you love to read?

Borrow a book from our F2 lending library!  You can take it home and read it with your family.  Please remember to write down which book you’re borrowing and sign the book back in when you return it.


We have lots of fun in F1, learning new things and finding out about the world around us.

In F1, our topic in Autumn 2 is ‘Fairytales and Christmas Wishes’.

We will be learning about the stories:

  • What’s in the Witches Kitchen?
  • Dear Zoo
  • The Jolly Christmas Postman
  • Fred- Rudolph’s Brother
  • Dear Santa
  • The Nativity Story

We will be doing lots of work based around these stories, including making pictures and joining in with repeated phrases.

We do lots of working and playing in the sand, water and construction area and have plenty of opportunity to work in our outside areas. Please remember to send your child in suitable outdoor clothing as we will be outside even though the weather is getting colder.
We are also learning to:

  • listen carefully to our friends and play together
  • use scissors and different pens and pencils
  • count objects and recognise written numbers
  • think about keeping safe

In our group times we read stories; think about sounds (to get ready to read and write); play maths games; learn to sign and find out about the world around us.
We have singing and dancing every week too!

We know that when you ask your children “what have you done today?” the answer is often “nothing”. To help you find out what’s been happening that day, F1 has a light box at which will have a prompt for you to ask your child about. In the first week back, the ask me about is ‘THE CLASS SHEEP’ . Hopefully by saying “tell me about the class sheep” you will find out more about your little ones day 🙂 Look out for the changes when you collect from nursery.



Christmas Craft Workshop Wednesday 6th December

Christmas Production Tuesday 19th December in the morning and Wednesday 20th December in the afternoon.

You should have received letters in the post about your child starting school next September. If you are unsure about any of the information or would like to discuss it with us, please ask. If we are unable to speak to you immediately we will always make time as soon as possible.

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