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Our school has developed 5 values which promotes our over riding aim “Success for All”.

These are displayed in prominent places around school and constantly used as reference points in our learning environment.

We Show Respect
We Aim High
We Never Give Up
We Care and Listen
We Work Together

Each class discusses together at the beginning of the year what these values mean to their class. Assemblies through out the year reinforce our values. By sharing these values with children, staff, governors and parents, we seek to shine in our learning, TOGETHER WE SHINE is celebrated in classrooms, through our conduct in all learning experiences and children receive badges and certificates in assembly.

Positive Reward System
Our rewards system uses a variety of approaches. Positive descriptive praise is used wherever possible. Rewards also include individual and classroom based rewards, including marble jars. The whole school takes part in a whole school reward (Family Golden Time). The school is divided into Pastoral Families. Each  hild is able to gain Shine Points for their family during the week. Each family gains rewards during the year.

Bullying is not acceptable behaviour in our school and will not be tolerated. All members of the school community have rights and responsibilities towards each other. The School Values “Together We Shine” and Code of Conduct give clear guidelines on how to treat others. There
are clear complaints procedures set out for both pupils and adults.

Behaviour PolicyLower Meadow Behaviourand Exclusion Policy June 2017