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PKC Curriculum


We are currently working with the Knowledge Schools Trust on their Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC) to ensure that our provision for Science, History, Geography and Art is a ‘carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to inspire pupils, promote excellent outcomes for all and overcome inequality of opportunity.’

We have focused our curriculum on what content should be taught, in what order, whilst reflecting upon what children remember and how they remember it. This allows children to make meaningful connections and gain an understanding of how our world is connected. The Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC) has been developed in line with current thinking on how children learn. Importantly, findings from cognitive science are beginning to influence practice in the classroom.

An essential element of a knowledge curriculum is the development of a broad and rich vocabulary, and the ambitious and explicit teaching of this. The vocabulary content of the Primary Knowledge Curriculum has been planned with the purpose of addressing the ‘word gap’ for children who enter school with a limited vocabulary.

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