School Alerts


We have a school dress code which is worn by all children. Please see the link detailing our dress code.

Please make sure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Footwear: We expect children to dress sensibly and appropriately. Sensible footwear is essential and a change of footwear will be required if wellingtons or boots are worn in bad weather. Sensible summer footwear options are sandals and trainers – flip flops are not allowed for safety reasons.

Jewellery: For safety reasons the school does not allow any jewellery to be worn. This is in line with local schools in the Meadowhead Trust Partnership. Pupils may wear a wristwatch but all necklaces and earrings are not allowed. If you intend your child to have their ears pierced we request that this is done at the start of the summer break as newly pierced ears cannot have the studs removed for some weeks. This is to avoid a long period when the child would be excluded from PE. Also, please note that children are not permitted to wear nail varnish in school.

PE Lessons: For health and hygiene reasons we ask the children to bring a change of clothes for PE. We have a school dress code for PE for all children in Key Stages 1 and 2 which consist of a white t shirt and black shorts. These should be named and kept in a drawstring bag which can be hung easily in the cloakroom. School bags can be bought from the school office. Warm clothing (eg sweatshirts and jogging bottoms with trainers or plimsolls) should be worn for outdoor lessons. Children in Key Stage 2 will need a swimming costume for swimming lessons at Graves Leisure Centre. Parents will be notified when these will be required. Children are expected to have their PE kit in school at all times. Teachers will remind them at the end of each half-term to take them to be washed.
PE is an integral part of the curriculum and every child is expected to participate fully, unless theym are unable to take part for medical reasons. In such cases parents/carers should provide a supporting letter.

Personal Possessions: Children should not bring valuables/toys to school unless they form part of a class activity. Neither teachers nor the school can accept responsibility should any personal items be lost, damaged or stolen.

Book bags may be purchased from the school office to keep essential items and reading books safe. Book bags should be brought each day.

Items may be ordered via the school office using the printable order form below (copies of the form are available from the office if required)

Uniform Guidelines