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Clubs and Activities

We have a wide variety of free after school clubs on offer for the Spring/Summer 2019 terms.

Clubs are supervised by either school staff or by outside agencies who specialise in the particular sport/activity. Where outside agencies are involved the charge for the running of the club is subsidised by the school from Pupil Premium funding.  Subsidy results in a nominal charge being made to parents/carers for the club.  Any parents/carers experiencing difficulty in paying for clubs that their children would like to attend may speak, in confidence, to Karen Brown (Principal).


Day Club Year Group Staff
Mon Choir Y3,4,5,6 Mrs Thorby & Mr Edwards
Mon Lego Y2,3,4 Mr Jones & Miss Derbyshire
Mon ICT All Mrs Perri & Mrs Woolfe
Mon Board games All Mrs O’Reilly & Mrs Woodward
Mon Origami Club Y4,5,6 Miss Rodway
Mon Gardening Y1,2,3 Mrs Parkinson & Mrs Pilcher
Mon Maths Club Y3,4,5,6 Mrs James
Tues Phonics Club Y1 Mrs Birch
Tues Running Club Y1,2,3 Mrs Craig
Weds Multi skills club Y1,2,3 SUFC
Weds Learning sign language Y3,4,5,6 Mrs Hyndman
Weds Boys Football Y5, 6 Mr Short
Thurs Drama Y3,4,5,6 Miss Needham
Thurs Sewing Y4 and 5 Mrs Andrews
Thurs Girls Football Y4 and 5 Mr Cliburn