School Alerts


It is essential that children attend school as much as possible to make the best use of their education.

If a child’s attendance becomes a cause of concern the school will ring/write to home or make a home visit. Children whose attendance is below 90% are vulnerable to underachievement and are classed as persistently absent.

Certificates of attendance and other rewards are awarded to children who reach 100% attendance both weekly, termly and annually!

Absence from School

Illness: If your child is absent through illness you should contact school on the first day. The school will contact parents if a child is absent without explanation. All absence is monitored and families will receive letters half termly to inform parents/carers of their child’s attendance. Parents of children with very low attendance face penalty notices from the authority. An absence can be “authorised” if children are out of school for illness and for medical appointments which genuinely cannot be made out of school hours. Absences for shopping trips or a day off for hairdressing appointments etc. are not valid reasons for keeping a child off school. These are recorded as “unauthorised absences” and details do appear on reports at the end of the year.

Appointments: If your child has to leave school during the day for an appointment (medical, dentist etc.) the school needs to be informed with as much notice as possible and appointment letters will be requested. Children will not be allowed out of school unless they are collected by a responsible adult.

Carers collecting children should first call at the school office. All children leaving school for such appointments will be issued with a pass. This is part of the Sheffield City Council strategy to reduce truancy. Please ensure that a pass is collected from the school office. You will be asked to produce this if you are stopped during a truancy sweep.

Holidays: As from 1st September 2012 our school will adopt the same attendance policy as other schools in the Meadowhead Community Learning Trust. Any holidays outside of the school term dates are not in the interest of children’s education and will NOT now be authorised. Other days requiring leave of absence will be judged individually by the Headteacher and may be authorised.

As we give advance information regarding the dates for End of Key Stage SATs, it is essential that children attend during these dates. Children who are absent during SATs cannot sit these tests at any other time and therefore will not receive any results.

As a school the figures for authorised and unauthorised absences are much higher than National averages. Our texting service is used daily to ensure that all children who are well are attending school. We ask parents and families to support school in helping to promote good attendance. Children not in school are missing out on their educational entitlement.


The beginning of the day is very important in all classrooms. It is essential for children to be punctual. Children arriving after 8.50am will be marked as late in the register and should go to the office to be recorded appropriately. However, if there are genuine reasons for lateness, please send your child late rather than miss an entire day.

Poor attendance and punctuality have a detrimental effect on a child’s learning, achievements and social interaction.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends school on time.




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