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EYFS Intent

In The Early years at Lower meadow, we aspire to enable our pupils to become confident, independent learners who are well prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Our language rich curriculum is designed with literacy at the heart to address language deprivation. We ensure that children are regularly exposed to a wide range of books and these texts are used wherever possible to make links with the various topics that we teach.

Staff use their speech and language expertise to model and support children’s communication skills, enabling children to confidently communicate with both adults and their peers. Adult interactions are key to moving learning along and adults spend a good proportion of their time with children playing in the provision.

We focus on supporting the child’s personal, social and emotional development to enable them to effectively access the curriculum and become well regulated, independent learners. The development of fine and gross motor skills through a variety of activities in our provision, is vital to ensure that our children are able to move confidently and effectively, so that they are well prepared for the writing expectations in key stage one.

Our children shape their knowledge and understanding of all areas of the curriculum through first hand experiences wherever possible. This hands-on exploration and discovery provide strong links, developing children’s knowledge along with providing opportunities to promote the characteristics of effective learning.


Curriculum Overview Nursery N2

Curriculum Overview 2023-2024 Reception

Progression Grids

Each area of learning is carefully mapped out so that there is clear progression. These are displayed in each area so that all adults can support and challenge children while in provision.

progression in block play

progression in drawing

progression in early writing

progression in pencil grip

progression in scissor skills

progression in communication and language


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