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Meet the Team

We have a hardworking and dedicated team of staff who have a common goal in providing the best education we possibly can for every child that comes to our school.

Teachers and TA’s work together to ensure every child’s needs are met. They have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each child, enabling each child to feel secure and safe in school.

Listed below is our Senior Leadership Team:

Principal                                 Mrs J Dawtry

Deputy Principal                   Mrs J Duncan

Assistant Principal                Miss A Marshall

SENDCo                                  Mrs N Brown

Safeguarding Lead                Miss P Brown


EYFS lead                            Mrs Ellis


Nursery teacher                  Miss Baker

Nursery TA                          Mrs Kaczmarczyk


Reception teacher            Mrs Turner (was Miss Christopher)

Reception TA                    Mrs Pilcher

Reception TA                    Mrs Kusmierek

KS1 Team

Year 1 teacher                  Mrs Birch

Year 1 TAs                         Mrs O’Reilly

Year 1/2 teacher             Mrs Bakshi

Year 2 TA                     Mrs Parkinson

Year 2 Teacher               Miss Bingham

Year 2 Teacher               Mrs Duncan

KS1 TA                  Miss Mappin

HLTA                  Miss Cooper

LKS2 Team

Year 3                              Miss Lane

Year 3 TA                       Mr K.

Year 3/4                         Miss Woodcock

Year 3/4 TA                   Miss Rose

Year 4 teacher              Miss Jones

Year 4 TA                      Mr Ruddy

UKS2 Team

Year 5 teacher              Miss Haigh

HLTA                      Mrs Bellamy

Year 5/6 teacher         Mrs Woodcock

Year 6 teacher             Miss Marshall

Year 6 teacher             Mrs Kaufman

Year 6 TA                     Mrs Allen

UKS2 TA                      Mrs Woodward


Learning Mentor       Miss Perri

Family Support Worker                Miss Billam

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