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Hearing Impaired Unit

Lower Meadow Primary Academy is fortunate to have an Integrated Resource for Deaf & Hearing Impaired children.  Children and staff at Lower Meadow refer to the IR as the ‘Unit’.

Although there are other Integrated Resources for hearing impaired children in Sheffield, Lower Meadow hosts the only Integrated Resource for primary aged profoundly deaf signing children.  Many of the deaf children that attend Lower Meadow use British Sign Language/Sign Supported English to communicate and are in receipt of a Statement for Special Educational Needs.  Some of the deaf children also have additional needs.

The deaf children at Lower Meadow are members of a mainstream class and learn alongside hearing children.   For some lessons the deaf children are withdrawn into the Unit where they are taught by teachers who have an additional qualification to teach deaf children (Teachers of the Deaf) and by specialist support assistants.  The teachers of the deaf and specialist support assistants also support deaf children when they are in mainstream lessons.

Mainstream staff and staff based in the Integrated Resource, work as a team to ensure that all pupils in school benefit from hosting the specialist Integrated Resource for Deaf & Hearing Impaired Children.

Linette France
Teacher of The Deaf